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Kidnap accused ‘drove into Dubai Police car then beat up officer’

Emirati was being tracked down for allegedly posing as a CID officer to steal from people on the street but attacked officer who tried to arrest him, prosecutors said.

A 34-year-old Emirati accused of kidnapping a man allegedly deliberately drove into a police patrol vehicle and then beat up the arresting officer.

Dubai Criminal Court heard on Thursday that the jobless Emirati, aided by an Iranian man, 44, kidnapped a Bangladeshi man. While posing as a CID officer, he shoved the Bangladeshi into his car on January 26, 2014, prosecutors said.

Police said they received four reports in one week about the Emirati defendant posing as CID to people in the street and robbing them.

“The reports we received had a description of the car the defendant drove. On the day of the arrest, a police officer saw the car by coincidence and immediately reported its location, so I was assigned among a team to make an arrest,” said a Yemeni officer, 33.

When they tried to stop the car, he said its driver refused to stop and tried to hit them several times.

“He then kept on driving recklessly and hit the pavement before deliberately hitting the police patrol,” said the officer. Repairs on the police car amounted to Dh6,900.

The defendant then ran on foot and, when a policeman chased him, he allegedly assaulted the officer and beat him up then threw him to the ground and escaped.

He was later arrested and taken to a police station, where the Bangladeshi man failed to identify him.

“It was dark when they took me. I can’t determine it was him, I could only say 90 per cent it’s him,” said the 36-year-old Bangladeshi.

“I just recall being in Al Quoz when two men in Emirati traditional clothes stopped me, saying they were CID. One of them punched me in the face then shoved me into a car and took me to a desert then stole my money, Dh1,200.”

The Emirati defendant is charged with posing as CID officer, kidnap, theft, assaulting a police officer, endangering lives, damaging a police car and possessing 11 bottles of alcohol.

His Iranian co-accused is charged with theft, aiding and abetting and consuming alcohol.

Both men were not present in court to face charges.

A verdict is expected on August 28.

Updated: August 10, 2017 01:00 PM