x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Kalashnikov ends friendly meeting between former prisoners

Man produces Kalashnikov at peace talks between five former prisoners to end feud.

ABU DHABI // Five men who met in Al Shawamekh to end a feud have been arrested after their parley dissolved into bloodshed, police say.

The five former convicts have been referred to Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution on charges of attempted murder, possession of firearms, drug use, intimidation and failure to report a crime.

Police said the meeting was set up after one man telephoned another and agreed to settle a deal relating to a gun. Three other men were invited to the meeting.

The five are said to have become friends while serving time together for crimes including drug use, mugging, abduction and assault.

Prosecutors said the attempt to resolve old disputes led to new differences between the men, and guns and clubs were produced.

One of the accused produced a Kalashnikov and shot one man in the foot and another in the thigh before fleeing, the prosecutors said.

Police arrested all five, who are said to have confessed to the charges.