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Jilted lover who reversed car over his ex-girlfriend jailed

The man reversed his car over his lover after she ended their affair.

DUBAI // A man who reversed his car over his lover after she broke off their affair has been found guilty of attempted murder.

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance today sentenced the Iranian-born citizen of France to three years in prison.

AE, a 46-year-old married man, fled the UAE after the incident and was sentenced in absentia.

His victim, LC, a 35-year-old Norwegian businesswoman, was left crippled by the attack.

She told prosecutors that she and AE began an affair in March 2007. "He always assured me that he was going to leave his wife, so our relationship developed and we were in love," she told prosecutors.

But when LC discovered he had no plans to leave his wife, she ended the relationship. After he pursued her for some time, she agreed to have dinner with him at Souq Al Bahar on September 15, 2009, prosecutors said.

While discussing the future of their relationship, they got into an argument and left the restaurant, but they continued to fight in the car, records show.

"I called him a pathetic loser. And I decided to finally end it," said LC. But AE was infuriated and pulled out of the car, threw her to the ground, then got back in the driver's seat and reversed over her before driving away, prosecutors say.

Dubai Police registered a call for an ambulance in the early hours of September 16 and responded to Al Rifaa district.

A medical report submitted to the court said LC must take painkillers on a daily basis and cannot perform any daily duties at home or work.