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Jail term upheld for Dubai cross-dressing beautician

A Filipino has been charged with sexual assualt, cross dressing and pretending to be a woman.

DUBAI // A cross-dressing beautician's two-year jail sentence has been upheld by the Dubai Court of Cassation.

EJ, a 42-year-old Filipino, will be deported after completing his prison term on charges of sexual assault, cross dressing and pretending to be a woman.

He was arrested after a municipality health inspector made a visit to the salon where EJ worked. She stripped in front of EJ, who wore women's clothes, make-up and perfume, had manicured nails and had enlarged his breasts.

The beautician's appearance caused surprise when he appeared at the Dubai Criminal Court last April.

The inspector, a 39-year-old from Sudan, said she was assigned to pay an undercover visit to the salon on January 25. When she arrived she was taken to a nearby apartment where she was told treatments were carried out.

She said the flat was equipped with a bed, resuscitation and surgery equipment. She added that one of the employees told her a doctor came once a week to carry out cosmetic operations.

The inspector said EJ then took her to the laser treatment room and asked her to undress before removing hair from her armpits.

The beautician, who was accused of burning the inspector during the treatment, denied her account. "I didn't make her take her clothes off, I just showed her the laser device," he said.

The inspector said she reported the beauty salon for violating regulations and offering laser treatments and Botox injections without proper permits.

Police responded to her report and arrested EJ. It is unclear how or when his true gender was discovered.

EJ was also charged with practising medicine without the proper permits and using a laser treatment device that posed a risk to the safety of a health inspector.

He denied all charges at the lower courts. However, he was found guilty and sentenced to two years in jail to be followed by deportation.