x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 23 January 2018

Jail for man who stabbed rent collector eight times in Dubai robbery

Robber who stabbed man eight times is sentenced to two years in prison on a charge of attempted murder.

DUBAI // A man who stabbed a rent collector eight times during a robbery has been sentenced to two years in prison.

The Criminal Court convicted AH, 23, from Pakistan, on a charge of attempted murder, fined him Dh2,000 and ordered him to be deported after serving his sentence.

He stalked the Bangladeshi rent collector MD, 42, on May 11 this year, jumping at and stabbing him twice in the abdomen as he received Dh6,000 from the tenants of two villas in Hor Al Anz owned by his boss.

He stabbed the rent collector a further six times during the frenzied attack, causing injuries to his chin, arms and torso, before the man's screams caught the attention of a nearby police patrol.

The rent collector fell unconscious seconds before the officers arrived at the scene, while his attacker was arrested a few blocks away, walking calmly with bloodied clothes.

"When we saw him we drove towards him, he did not resist nor did he try to run away, he actually walked to the police car before it reached him," said 49-year-old SA, a Yemeni police officer.

"When we talked to him he confessed to stabbing [the rent collector] but said it was over a dispute regarding their business with prostitutes," he added.

The rent collector regained consciousness at Rashid Hospital after undergoing life-saving surgery. He remained at the hospital for ten days before his condition stabilised.