x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Jail for Dubai woman in Dh53,000 phone fraud

A woman is sentenced to three years in prison for making calls worth more than Dh53,000

DUBAI // A Dubai airport employee who used her colleague's ID to obtain 10 Etisalat mobile phones and ring up bills of more than Dh53,000 was sentenced to three years in prison this morning.

Emirati MJ, 29, gained her workmate's trust and took her ID then used it to forge 10 applications to obtain the phones along with new SIM cards. She used the phones to make calls amounting to Dh53,035, said prosecutors.

The colleague, SM, said: "I believed her and gave her my ID but then was surprised with a number of bills being sent to me from Etisalat."

SM visited an Etisalat office and was told that 10 numbers were issued under her name. She said MJ told her it was her sister who had applied for the numbers. SM called police when MJ and her sister failed to correct the situation.

Etisalat employee MA, 35, testified that the defendant visited the company's Al Jubail branch, in Sharjah, and submitted her application, providing an ID belonging to another person.

MJ, who refused to attend prosecution investigations, was also referred to the Family and Juvenile Prosecution on a similar charge.