x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 20 July 2017

Investor forced to wire ransom to kidnappers

A 32-year-old investor was kidnapped, beaten and locked up by four men who forced him to give them Dh17,000, hears court.

DUBAI // A kidnapped investor was forced to instruct his family in Australia to wire a ransom of Dh17,000, the Dubai Criminal Court heard today.

Prosecutors said that the Bangladeshis AH, 39, JM, 29, AA, 26 and AK, 48, lured their compatriot FS, 32, to Deira with the promise of a business meeting.

They met the investor on January 21 this year in a restaurant where they ate a meal together and afterwards invited him to their accommodation. Once there they locked him up, stole Dh3,000 from him and threatened to kill him.

"They took me to the roof of the building and threatened to throw me from up there," said the investor.

He was moved to a flat in Sharjah the following morning and was beaten when he tried to cry for help.

The investor called his sister in Australia and asked her to wire Dh17,000 to AH's brother in Bangladesh. When they received confirmation of receipt, the men forced the investor to sign a letter saying that he owed AH Dh16,000 then they let him go.

The investor immediately headed to a police station and reported the incident.

The four men denied the charges.

A date for the next hearing is yet to be scheduled.