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Intruder burst into woman's hotel room and tried to kiss her, court hears

Drunk man barged into room and tried to make coffee before asking if he could shower with woman

A drunk man burst into the hotel room of a tourist in Dubai and tried to kiss her, a court heard.

The Saudi man slipped into the woman's room as she returned with two friends after a night out.

The shocked women said the intruder started to prepare coffee before asking if he could shower with one of them, a 23 year old from Sweden.

The incident allegedly occurred after midnight on August 28 at a hotel in Al Barsha, the Dubai Criminal Court was told.

“We were in shock, asking him to leave but he was behaving as if it was his room and he started asking us questions,” said the Swedish woman.

She said the uninvited guest, 21, attempted to hug and kiss her before her friends came to her aid.

“She tried to push him away from her but couldn’t, so I came in and helped her, then kicked him out,” said the victim’s friend, 25, also from Sweden.

The two women and a third friend, from Turkey, closed the door and remained inside their room for more than an hour, afraid to venture outside.

The accused knocked on the door again but the women refused to allow him into the room.

The women then called police.

During questioning, the accused told investigators he was drunk at the time of the incident.

He was charged with sexual assault, trespassing and drinking alcohol without a licence.

The hearing was closed to the public because of the nature of the charge.

The defendant's plea was not disclosed in court records.

The case was adjourned until October 22, when a verdict is due to be passed.

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