x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 18 January 2018

I was chained to couch and tortured for debt, Dubai electrician says

Man was chained, beaten and tortured by compatriot to whom he owed a debt.

DUBAI // When police arrived to rescue FA, a 28-year-old, they found his captors on a cigarette break. But the victim, who was chained to a couch, said they had beaten and tortured him before stopping for a smoke.

The electrician from Bangladesh says he was walking home from work on April 19 last year when he was attacked by his compatriot JA, 30.

"They gagged me and dragged me into a building," said FA, who owed JA some money. Inside a small flat, he was seated on a couch and chained. "JA slapped me several times then hit with a metal bar on my back," FA said.

His arms and legs were chained and two locks were used to secure the chains. An electric wire connected to a power source was used to torture the man.

Unnoticed, FA managed to use his mobile and call a friend for help. The friend MR, called police who arrived three minutes after the call was made to find the defendants sitting around the chained victim, smoking.

JA was not present in the Dubai Criminal Court this morning to face charges of kidnap and assault.

The next hearing will be on March 13.