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'Husband threatened to kill, cut, burn and bury wife'

An investor threatened to kill his wife and cut her into thousand pieces before burning her and burying her seven feet below ground, a court heard.

DUBAI // An investor threatened to kill his wife, cut her into 1,000 pieces, burn her, and bury her seven feet below ground, a court has been told.

Prosecutors said the Frenchman NA, 26, threatened his Canadian wife AJ, a hostess with Emirates Airline, in phone, email and text messages sent in April.

The couple, married since 2010, are in the middle of a divorce.

The Frenchman admitted making the threats but said they were in retaliation for insults his wife, 29, had made, and that he had not meant what he said.

His wife reported him on April 8 at Al Qusais police station.

"We separated but in February this year I came to Dubai to take on the air hostess job, and he told me via email that he was coming too, because he had business here," she told the court.

She said he asked for her passport and birth certificate so he could start divorce proceedings at the Canadian embassy.

"He called me a few days later and told me he would not return my documents and that he wanted me to have troubles," the wife said, adding it was after this he started sending her the messages and told her she would have to pay Dh14,000 for her passport.

"I lost her documents on April 4 and I informed her but she did not believe me," he said. The next hearing was scheduled for July 10.