x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Husband hit wife for complaining about his affair, Abu Dhabi court told

Woman claims her husband started abusing her after she complained about affair he was having.

ABU DHABI // A man began abusing his wife after she complained about him cheating on her, a court heard today.

ZA, from Iraq, reported her husband GS, also Iraqi, to police after neighbours told her that another woman would spend nights at their house while she was away.

The Bangladeshi couple next door claimed they would watch HM, from Jordan, accompany the husband into the house at night and not leave until the next morning.

The wife claims that her husband beat her when she complained about the affair.

The Misdemeanours Court charged the husband and his alleged girlfriend with "illegitimate privacy" under Sharia, while the wife has also filed a criminal complaint about the beating.

In the Misdemeanours Court the husband and alleged girlfriend denied the charge. The husband claimed the woman simply worked for him at his company and that his wife bore a grudge.

The woman said she worked from 7am to 7pm and therefore did not have time for an affair, adding that she hadn't been married before and would not risk losing her honour over a non-legitimate relationship.

The Misdemeanour Court cleared both of them, but the wife appealed, and the "illegitimate privacy" charge is now being heard by the Appeals Court.

A verdict was scheduled for June 16.