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Husband, flight hostess caught by wife face sin charges

Man charged with incitement to commit sin after his wife catches him with an air hostess in their Palm Jumeirah apartment.

DUBAI // A woman hit her husband on the head with a laptop computer after finding him entertaining an Emirates flight hostess in the bedroom of their Palm Jumeirah apartment, a court heard today.

HS, a 32-year-old project manager from Jordan was charged with incitement to commit sin after his Egyptian wife found him alone with the Romanian woman MF, 28, last year.

Prosecutors also charged the flight attendant with incitement to commit sin. She denied the charge when she appeared at the Dubai Court of Misdemeanours, claiming she was visiting HS as a friend not a lover. HS failed to show before the court.

Prosecutors said that the 28-year-old wife RJ had been planning to surprise her husband by flying in from Egypt unannounced. She arrived at the apartment with the couple's baby at about 3am on the night of the incident.

"When I tried to open the door, the key was left in the lock and I had to knock," RJ told the court. She said that when her husband eventually opened the door he appeared unhappy to see her and questioned her reasons for the visit. The court heard that HS had previously cancelled his wife's residency permit.

RJ said that HS tried to slam the door in her face, but that she stormed into the unlit apartment after catching sight of the other woman in the bedroom. The flight attendant then ran into the bathroom and hid there until police arrived about an hour later.

RJ said MF had been wearing her perfume and had left her underwear on the bed.

MF told the court that HS had been "preparing shisha" for her when RJ arrived. MF said she had been friends with HS for more than two years and that she met him and his family in Kuwait. "I often visited him at his family residence back in Kuwait," she said. On the night in question, she said the two of them had merely been chatting about HS's new job.

HS told the court that MF was his friend and that they had never had sex. He said when he tried to take his wife into the baby's bedroom she hit him on the head with a laptop computer.

The court was adjourned until April 5