x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Human traffickers jailed by Dubai court

Two men who promised a woman a job as a secretary but instead forced her to work in the sex industry are jailed by a Dubai court.

DUBAI // A man who promised a woman a job as a secretary but instead forced her into prostitution and raped her was today sentenced to six years in jail.

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced QA, a 42-year-old from India, to three years for human trafficking and a further three years for rape. His compatriot SS, 26, also received three years for human trafficking.

The woman, MR, came to Dubai expecting to be paid Dh3,000 per month as an office worker and was told her accommodation would be included. When she arrived at Dubai International Airport last August the two men took her to an apartment in Riqqa and locked her up. They told her to forget about the secretary job and instead frequent bars where she would meet customers who would pay for sex.

She was given a mobile phone and forced to call men to offer massages and sex services, which she did for 15 days.

QA would take her to hotels to perform the services, then take the money she had made before taking her back to the apartment. After he raped her she sent a text message to a friend in Dubai with the apartment's address. The friend then notified police who raided the building.

The two men will be deported after serving their sentences.