x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

Hotel porter stole from guests' safes

A porter at a building of furnished hotel apartments admits stealing from guests' lockers.

DUBAI // A porter at a block of furnished hotel apartments used his master key to steal from a guest's safe.

TF, a 25-year-old Pakistani who worked at the Grand MidWest furnished hotel apartments, admitted doing so when he appeared at the Dubai Criminal Court today.

He was arrested after a complaint by the Iranian HM, 38, who checked into the hotel with his family on March 24. The porter took them to their room and showed them where the safe was. Three days later the guest returned to the apartment to find that his bag was a mess and missing Dh1,500.

"My wife advised me to check the safe and when I did I discovered it was missing US$3,300," said the guest. He told the court there should have been a total of $15,380 in the safe. He then informed the hotel manager and the porter was arrested.

The porter told the court that he had returned the money and regretted what he had done. A verdict is expected on May 23.