x Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 22 July 2017

Hapless would-be airline thief found nothing to steal, Dubai court hears

Bungling Emirates porter tried to steal from passengers' baggage either could find nothing of value - or was to scared to take it when he did - hears court.

DUBAI // An Emirates porter tried to steal from passengers over a three-month period but could find nothing worth taking, a court heard today.

The Criminal Court heard that on least 11 occasions between March and June 2012, FK, a 22-year-old from Kenya who worked at the arrivals and departures hall at Dubai International Airport, had unsuccessfully searched people's luggage for something valuable to steal.

Prosecutors said he confessed to once finding 2,000 Omani Riyals, but lost his nerve before taking them.

He was reported by a colleague who noticed him searching the bags.

"The man provided us with the video recording which shows FK opening bags and looking through their contents," said MS, 26-year-old Emirati policeman.

According to prosecution records the porter said he often found electronic devices but was too scared to steal them, fearing he would be caught by the airline's inspection scanners.

In court, the porter denied a charge of attempted theft. A verdict is expected on September 23.