x Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 20 January 2018

Gunmen rob Emarat station in Sharjah, police say

Men took tens of thousands of dirhams; no one was hurt and no one is in custody, officials say.

SHARJAH // Two masked men with guns robbed an Emarat petrol station's supermarket in Sharjah Industrial Area 5 this morning, police said.

A witness who was in the store at the time said that sometime after 4am, two men parked their car at the supermarket's entrance and moved inside.

One of the men drew a gun, the witness said, and told him to open the safe as the other man, also armed, stood guard at the entrance. After taking the money, they got back in the car and drove away towards Dubai, the witness said.

"The robbery happened in less than three minutes, and police arrived about five minutes after they had fled," he said. "They have questioned everyone on duty and took the camera footage, but no one here was arrested."

There were differing accounts of the total amount stolen from the station; one petrol attendant said it was Dh78,000 and another put it at Dh80,000. A police spokesman, however, said that although the investigation was ongoing, the amount was likely to be less than Dh10,000.

No arrests have been made.