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'Gunmen' not beaten by police, doctor tells court

Men accused of firing at police claim they were tortured.

ABU DHABI // The Yemeni man who has been accused of being involved in the shooting of two policemen in Bani Yas sustained bruises as he resisted arrest, but showed no physical signs of having been tortured, a doctor told the criminal court yesterday.

FA, 19, Yemeni, and MK, 26, Emirati allegedly shot two undercover police officers during an ambush in Baniyas in February where they were said to have negotiated to sell the officers 20kg of hashish.

FA was arrested on the spot, but MK managed to escape. He was caught two hours later allegedly trying to flee the country.

The court had called the forensics doctor who wrote FA's medical report to testify, after both men claimed they were beaten by police to confess.

Chief Justice Sayed Abdul Baseer, head of the court, asked the doctor why her report did not mention marks on FA's back that were noted by the public prosecutor.

"I recorded everything I saw during the examination," she replied. "Moreover, the report I was given by public prosecution did not mention anything regarding scars on the defendant's back; he himself did not mention them either."

In the report, FA said only that he had bit the hand of the policeman who tried to arrest him, in an attempt to make him let go, and then he saw MK shoot at the police. He did not mention any injuries on his back.

The doctor said she had checked FA's entire body, and not noticed any scars on his back. "The injuries on his back could have been minor and got erased with time."

She examined him on February 19, a week after the arrest.

"The wound could disappear by that time," she said. "Bruises require from one to three weeks to disappear, depending on the bruise type, skin colour and whether the attacked is a male or female."

MK's lawyer asked the court to call in the second doctor who examined his client. The court agreed and adjourned the case until June 3.

The court also received an Interior Ministry report on MK's movements, which had been requested by his lawyer, Tarek Al Serkal. The contents of the report were not disclosed in court.