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Guard who stabbed woman 66 times to spend life in jail

The man said he planned to kill her the same day she yelled at him

A security guard who killed a woman by stabbing her 66 times was sentenced to life in prison.

In court 24-year-old Pakistani denied having murderous intent: “The stabbing happened while we were fighting but I didn't mean to kill her.”

The victim’s Indian boyfriend called police on February 18 this year after he found her body in their one-bedroom apartment in the English cluster of Dubai’s International City.

The 38-year-old sales manager told police he had been living with his Filipino girlfriend for the past two years.

“She stopped working so we moved in the same flat together,” he said, adding that he left her that day at 7.30am after the two had coffee.

He said she called him around 1pm and asked him to pay the Internet bill on his way home from work.

“When I got home I found the door slightly open then found her dead body face down on the ground,” he said.

Police said the building’s security guard helped them question tenants for two days, before officers noticed scratches on this face and arms and became suspicious of him.

“He was completely solid and normal as he helped us around the building during our initial investigations, then when we questioned him about the scratches on his face and arms, he said they happened by mistake while shaving,” said an Emirati policeman, 35.

He said they also noticed a cut on one of his fingers and another on his knee.

“He denied at first but then admitted that he killed the woman as revenge because she screamed at him and kicked a water bucket he was using to clean the corridor next to her flat,” said the officer.


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The guard admitted to planning the murder the same day after he had lunch. He told police he wore gloves and knocked on the woman’s door, telling her he needed to check the apartment’s alarm system.

“He then took her by surprise and stabbed her in the abdomen, and chest and the blade broke inside her body,” the officer said.

He said the killer took a knife from the victim’s kitchen and smashed a fish tank from her apartment on her head.

“He slipped because of the water and caused himself a small cut in the knee,” said the officer.

The security guard then stole money from the victim’s apartment then put on a coat from her wardrobe to hide the blood stains then hid the stolen cash in a water pipe in the building which he handed to police.

The gloves and the coat were found in a rubbish bin near the building.

The killer was sentenced to additional two years for theft and life in jail for premeditated murder. He will be deported after serving his term.

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