x Abu Dhabi, UAE Friday 21 July 2017

Guard lured woman into apartment and harrassed her, Dubai court told

A security guard tricked a woman into entering an empty apartment before attempting to sexually harrass her, a Dubai court was told.

DUBAI // A security guard offered to call a taxi for a woman, before locking her in an empty apartment and trying to undress her, a court heard today.

The woman, a 35-year-old Filipina maid, was looking for a taxi at about 6.20am on July 27 when the Bangladeshi security guard, MR, 30, approached and offered to book a taxi for her, heard the Criminal Court.

"He told me I would not be able to find a taxi as it was Ramadan and it was still too early in the day," she said. "He then asked me to wait in a rest area as I was not allowed to wait in the reception," she added.

The security guard took the woman to what he claimed was the rest area on the 27th floor of the building he was working in. Prosecutors said that instead he took her to an empty apartment the building's owner was trying to let out.

"I hesitated before entering the lift but he said that he was security personnel so I could trust him," said the maid.

She became suspicious after entering the flat, but the guard locked the door and started trying to undress her.

She resisted and escaped his grip before calling her employer.

"[The guard] got scared when he heard me speak to my employer so he opened the door and let me go," said the maid.

The guard denied charges of sexual harassment and holding someone by force.

A verdict is expected on November 28.