Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 27 May 2019

Guard accused of molesting cleaner in park toilet claims he was just doing his job

Security guard says he was doing routine check and did not touch woman but she says he tried to force himself on her after unlocking her cubicle door

A security guard has denied molesting a woman at the ladies’ toilets in a public park, saying that he was checking the place as part of his job.

The Egyptian, 28, was faced with charges of sex assault and entering the women’s toilets. He denied both charges and told Dubai Criminal Court that he was doing his job by doing a routine check.

“I didn't know any woman was inside, and I didn't touch her,” said the accused.

Prosecutors said that, on the morning of August 30, the woman involved, a Nepalese cleaner, arrived to Al Warqa 3 park to clean the toilets.

“He was following me from one place to another since the moment I arrived,” said the woman, 27.

She said that the accused tried to chat with her about her job and salary but she asked him to leave her alone so she could finish her work. He allegedly followed her to the toilets as she cleaned and touched her shoulder.

“I kicked him out and called my supervisor, who came at once, and when he did, the accused disappeared,” said the woman, adding that her supervisor promised that he would have her moved to work at a different location the following day.

“I was done working so I went to use the toilet and suddenly I saw men’s shoes from under the door before the defendant unlocked the toilet with a key he had then started touching me,” she said.

The guard allegedly tried to force himself on the woman but she pushed him and ran outside then called police.

The guard was arrested on site.

A verdict in expected on November 14.

Updated: October 22, 2017 02:25 PM