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Girl 'molested by father's driver at home'

The girl was home alone when the driver allegedly chased her into her bedroom and molested her

A driver molested his employer’s daughter after forcing his way into their house, Dubai Criminal Court heard on Monday.

The Indian girl, 16, told prosecutors that the Bangladeshi driver, who worked for her father for more than ten years, was delivering food to her house on June 27.

The girl was home alone at around midday when the driver, 42, knocked on the door.

“I opened and he handed me the food then asked for a kiss. I refused but he grabbed by the chin then started kissing and touching me, I pushed him hard away from me,” the girl said in court records.

She told the court he said he would leave after drinking some water but as she walked into the kitchen to bring him a glass he allegedly chased her into her bedroom and tried to restrain her before touching her inappropriately.

“He is an old man and I always thought of him as a father or an uncle of mine, he always come home to bring food or work related papers, I never thought that he would do such a thing,” she told the court.

“For around three minutes he kept on touching and trying to kiss me,” said the girl, whose parents were in India and her sister at work at the time.

She said resisted the accused’s attempts and he eventually left. The girl told her friend what happened who then told the girl’s sister.

“My sister then told my father who came back two days later and reported the incident to police,” she said.

Her father, a 54-year-old businessman, said his daughter has been traumatised by the incident.

“She even locks her bedroom when she goes to sleep now,” said the father.

He said his daughter told him she was afraid to scream and provoke the driver into hurting her.

The defendant denied a sex assault charge in court on Monday and said he is being framed.

A verdict will be issued on November 13.

Updated: November 6, 2017 03:55 PM