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Girl 'delivered by untrained midwife'

A woman is charged with illegally delivering a relative's baby.

DUBAI // A woman accused of helping a relative give birth after she became pregnant while unmarried appeared in court yesterday charged with endangering the lives of the mother and baby.

JM, 54, who had no midwifery training or experience, helped deliver the baby girl when the mother, HA became pregnant after starting a relationship with a Pakistani man, court records claim.

JM was yesterday formally accused of: posing a danger to the baby, the mother, HA, who is the daughter of JM's cousin; failing to report consensual sex to police; and of having consensual sex herself.

JM speaks only Tagalog and the hearing was adjourned until next Sunday so a translator could be appointed. Court records show JM was arrested in a house in Deira on January 2 with the girl, now one, in a residency inspection by police.

She said the baby was her daughter, records stated.

DNA tests showed the baby was not hers. The baby's mother had returned to the Philippines in July last year, a month after giving birth, prosecutors said.

On June 4 last year, HA was in labour and decided to give birth at JM's house in Al Rashidiya, officials say. Prosecutors said that while helping HA give birth, JM pulled the baby in a rough way that risked the lives of mother and baby.

They said JM also confessed to giving birth to a child of her own after an illegal relationship.