x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

Gardeners re-buried body of baby they found, charges say

The two men discovered the newborn while working for the municipality, prosecutors say.

DUBAI // Two gardeners are facing charges in the Dubai Court of Misdemeanours of hiding a dead newborn they discovered while working.

The two defendants, FN, 32, and ZF, 25, gardeners at the Dubai Municipality for two years, hid the dead body without obtaining the proper approval from authorities, prosecutors say. They are scheduled to appear in court tomorrow morning.

According to court records, on January 24 the two men were working along the Emirates Road, watering plants. ZF told prosecutors he saw his friend FN step into a small hole and get his foot stuck to a plastic bag.


He added that FN tried to free his foot, but could not. When he pulled out the plastic bag and opened it, they spotted pieces of cloth soaked in blood wrapped around something.

He said at that point, they did not realize it was a dead body.

Due to the awful odours, the two said, they buried it about five metres from its original spot. FN said 10 colleagues nearby had advised him to re-bury it.

FN told prosecutors that the body wrapped in three or four plastic bags and a woman’s top that had turned to red because of the blood.

FN said he went to pray after burying it, but decided to tell his supervisor, who called the police.

The forensics expert who came to the scene said it was a baby boy who might have died during labour.

Police said a rubber glove was found with the body but did not contain enough evidence to lead to the parents of the baby.