x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 23 July 2017

Gang of six bound and gagged security guard during Dubai cable theft

Two men threatened to stab the security guard before stealing electrical cables worth Dh264,500, hears court.

DUBAI // Six men bound and gagged a security guard before threatening him with a knife and stealing electrical cables worth Dh264,500, a court heard yesterday.

The Indian guard, N?A, 50, told the Criminal Court that at nearly midnight on June 18 this year he was on duty alone at Emirates Electromechanics in Jebel Ali.

He said six masked men attacked him and demanded he tell them where the electrical cables were kept.

“When I said I didn’t know, one of the men slapped me and another waved a knife at my face,” said the guard. They threatened to stab him if he did not take them to where the cables were stored.

He was dragged to the company’s prayer room, tied up, gagged and blindfolded.

“They left one man to guard me and the rest left,” said the guard.

Eventually he was left alone and managed to break free at nearly 5am.

Police arrested two unemployed Pakistanis, A?A, 37, and A?M, 27, and said they confessed to stealing the cables and selling them to a Bangladeshi man.

The two were charged with assault, imprisoning a man against his will and robbery.

Neither was in court to enter a plea. The case was adjourned until December 9.