x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

Four jailed in Dubai for attempted sword murder of 15-year-old boy

The Dubai Criminal Court has sentenced four Emirati men to jail for trying to kill a boy with swords and an iron bar.

DUBAI // A soldier and three students who tried to murder a 15-year-old boy with swords and an iron bar were sent to prison today for between six months and a year.

The attack happened on April 29 near the victim’s home in Al Rashidiya, when the four young Emiratis pulled up in a car with covered licence plates. The soldier stepped out of the car and asked the teenager why he had been saying bad things about him.

When the boy denied this, the soldier pulled a 90-centimetre iron bar from behind his back and hit him on the head. One of the students punched the boy, and another swung a sword at his head, causing a near-fatal injury.

The third student threatened the boy’s friends with a sword and told them not to intervene. A police corporal who witnessed the attack said the four obviously meant to kill the boy.

At Dubai Criminal Court the soldier, M?S, and one student, A?E, both 19, were jailed for six months. The other students, A?A and E?A, both 22, were sentenced to one year. A fifth person was sent to the Juvenile Court for trial.