x Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 20 January 2018

Forgers had US$140,000 in fake cash, court hears

The two men were operating a counterfeiting business in their Dubai home, prosecutors say.

DUBAI // Two men were charged this morning with possessing US$140,000 in fake notes, a Dubai court heard.

Prosecutors said BD, 24, and MT, 31, both from the Cameron, knew the cash was fake. They denied the charges before the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance and said several people lived in the same house and may have been responsible for the money.

BD told the court the money was found in the basement, not their room.

"Please acquit us, because we are innocent,” he told the judge.

According to court records, police were tipped off that the men were forging large amounts of money.

DA, a police officer, told prosecutors BD and MT were using their home in Al Manama area as a centre for their business.

During a raid on November 1, 2010, police seized a safe and a large bag containing the fake money from the defendants’ house.

Police officers said they also found some tools used in forgery, including cotton and glue.

The bills seized were all $100 denominations, DA testified.

Two women arrested with the defendants, identified in records as FA and EP, also confessed to participating with the defendants in the forgery operation, but they are not being tried with the two men.

The next hearing was scheduled for March 28 for the court to issue its verdict.