x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 24 January 2018

Five years in jail for man who stabbed another in Dubai gang fight

Man who stabbed another to death during a fight involving more than 200 people is sentenced to five years in prison.

DUBAI // A man who stabbed another to death during a fight involving more than 200 people has been sentenced to five years in prison.

The Criminal Court also ordered ZM, 34, from Azerbaijan, to be deported after completing his term.

Five of his compatriots, MH, 23, EH, 27, HM, 29, RH, 25, FH, 29 and one man from Ukraine KM, 25, who faced a charge of assault, did not receive a verdict and were instead referred to the Misdemeanours Court.

Prosecutors said the fight at the Jamal Abdul Nassir Square in Naif on December 13 last year appeared to have been pre-arranged between a group of men from Azerbaijan and another group from Tajikistan, and was particularly vicious.

"I saw them use everything around them as weapons," recalled the Egyptian waiter MM, 31, who was working in a nearby restaurant. "One used a wooden ladder to hit another man while others used rubbish bins."

During the fight, ZM stabbed a man from the rival gang to death.

As he was running away he jumped in front of the car of AK, 33, from Rwanda. "He climbed on my car, smashed the front windscreen then fled," the driver recalled, adding that the man had left drops of blood all over his car.

When the murderer's family found out what he had done, they contacted MP, 39, a housewife from Azerbaijan. "They asked me to help his so I advised him to surrender to police then accompanied him to the Naif police station," said the housewife.

Police traced the murder weapon, a knife, to ZM's home. At the Criminal Court he denied a charge of murder. The sentence is subject to appeal within 15 days.