x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

Fitness trainer smoked hashish to gain weight for contest, UAE court told

A fitness trainer told the Abu Dhabi Criminal Court that he used hashish to get ready for competitions.

ABU DHABI // A fitness trainer told the Criminal Court yesterday that he ate hashish in an effort to gain 10 kilograms in one week.

A S, from Jordan, is charged with possessing and consuming hashish.

"I confess I took it with steroids to prepare for championships," he said.

"When you eat hashish with dates, it opens your appetite so I was able to gain 10kg in less than a week."

He also said he took hashish on a regular basis.

"The wellness of the mind is more important than the wellness of the body," the judge said.

A S requested he be referred to a rehabilitation centre.

A verdict is expected on July 17.