x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Fisherman denies assualt charges

He and his friends are accused of beating up three men and wrecking their cars.

DUBAI // An Emirati fisherman yesterday denied charges at the Dubai Court of First Instance of assault with weapons and of damaging three cars, including a Dubai Police car. 

On September 22 last year, F?B, 23, and 10 accomplices, all wearing masks, assaulted a group of men playing cards outside in the Oud Al Mutainah area, records said.

F?B was carrying a sword, and the other men, who were not identified in court records, were carrying cleavers and swords, according to prosecutors.

K?S, a police officer, said that while he and his friends were playing cards, a Jeep Cherokee and a Lexus carrying nearly a dozen people brandishing swords and cleavers stopped next to them and the 11 men attacked them.

K?S told prosecutors they ran away, leaving their mobile phones and other belongings, worth about Dh6,000, which, it was alleged, F?B stole.

The attackers then severely damaged three cars, a Nissan Patrol, a Honda Accord and the police car, a Toyota Corolla. It was alleged that F?B also took about Dh50,000 from one of the cars.

A?H, one of the alleged victims, told prosecutors that he notified police who were driving a patrol car in the area, and FB’s description was circulated. He was arrested shortly afterwards and referred to court.