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Fine for drunk tourist embroiled in scuffle with Dubai taxi driver

A drunk tourist who assaulted a taxi driver after the cabbie honked his horn loudly has been fined Dh7,000.

DUBAI // A drunk tourist who fought a taxi driver who honked his horn has been fined Dh7,000.

American EA, 43, was travelling in another taxi when he saw NL, 28, from Pakistan, pull up alongside and honk his horn.

He responded by swearing at him and telling his own driver to stop. He then got out of the vehicle and fought with the other taxi driver.

The Misdemeanours Court heard the American had been on his way to a hotel for dinner on November 29 last year when the fight occurred.

The tourist claimed he was being followed by the taxi driver, who he had snubbed earlier.

"I saw his taxi when I was looking for a cab but I chose another one. He followed me and started driving to my left and right and honking his horn," recalled the tourist.

But the taxi driver denied following him. "I was heading to Rashid Hospital when another taxi in front of me did not move as the traffic signal turned green and when I honked my horn at him to move, the passenger who was in the back seat flashed his finger at me."

The tourist then got out of the vehicle and the fight ensued.

"He started screaming at me, then pushed me so I punched him in self-defence," claimed the tourist.

The taxi driver hit him back and both men were arrested.

The taxi driver said his nose had been broken in the attack.

ML, the Bangladeshi driving the tourist, backed up the claims of his fellow cabbie, saying the tourist started the fight by flashing his middle finger then getting out of his car to challenge him.

The tourist was convicted of assault and consuming alcohol charges. He was fined Dh5,000 on the first charge and Dh2,000 on the second, while the taxi driver was convicted of assault and fined Dh1,100.