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Farmer gets five years for rape

A farmer raped his friend twice in the same day.

DUBAI // A 22-year-old farmer who raped his friend twice in the same day was sentenced to five years in prison.

On November 17 last year the victim AA, 20, from Pakistan, received a phone call from the defendant, AD, who wanted to visit him at the farm in Al Khawaneej where he worked.

Records show that AD arrived around 8pm. AA prepared dinner and the two played a game for about an hour.

The victim said that when he made a place for the defendant to sleep, AD asked him to sleep closer to him.

"Am I your wife to sleep next to you?" AA said in testimony.

AD tried to restrain his friend, who then ran out of the room. AD apologized, but then locked AA into the room. "He dragged me towards him and during my resistance he bit me on my shoulder and arm," AA said.

AD raped the victim twice and left in the morning without a word.

AA called his brother and showed him the bite marks. Both men went to the Rashidiya police station to report the crime.

DNA tests confirmed the defendant was the cause of the bites.

A medical report also proved the victim was bitten at a time and date consistent with that of the crime.

AD denied the charges at the Dubai Criminal Court in March. He said the claims were malicious and aimed at him because he had loaned money to the victim and not received it back.

The defendant will be deported after completing his prison term.