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'Ex-wife stole my frozen sperm', man tells UAE court

A man is suing his ex-wife claiming she became pregnant by stealing a batch of his frozen sperm while they were finalising their divorce.

ABU DHABI // A man is suing his ex-wife claiming she became pregnant by stealing a batch of his frozen sperm.

FS, an Emirati, told the Appeals Court today that he and his Russian wife AA had twice sought fertility treatment at a clinic in the UAE but had failed to become pregnant.

He said he then decided to divorce her and she agreed. However, before the divorce was finalised she visited another clinic in Russia to continue her treatment. He claims that she returned to the UAE and took a batch of his frozen sperm from the UAE clinic without his consent.

Four months after the divorce was finalised the ex-wife gave birth to a girl and filed a lawsuit demanding that the man register her under his name. The first instance court ruled in the ex-wife's favour.

The father responded by filing a countersuit against his wife and the UAE clinic, alleging that his signature had been forged on forms giving consent to the use of the sperm. The same court ruled once again in the ex-wife's favour and the man and the Public Prosecution then appealed against the verdict.

"Since you have been so noble so far and accepted your daughter and registered her under your name, why don't you continue with your generosity and big heart and accept the situation?" asked Dr Khairi Al Kabbash, head of the Appeals Court.

"I have already accepted my daughter and will give her and the mother their full rights, but we cannot ignore the scam done here," said the man. He said that his ex-wife and the clinic had conspired in an illegal act as he had not approved the use of his sperm for a third donation.

Dr Al Kabbash suggested that since he had registered the girl under his name it was unnecessary to continue with court cases that would harm the innocent child.

But the man insisted his ex-wife and the clinic must pay for "scamming" him.

"We divorced a few days after she used the sperm - she didn't mention anything about being pregnant. Then four months later she went to my friend and told him. She just wants to stay in the UAE and get benefits, this shouldn't be allowed."

The judge replied that she probably wanted to be "touched by the lightness of the people here".

"Plus you are an amazing man - I can understand why she couldn't let go of you," he added.

The case was adjourned until November 7 to bring a copy of the agreement the man signed when he first went to the clinic.