x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

Engineer 'blackmailed his lover's brother'

A man is accused of threatening to post indecent pictures in a blackmail attempt.

DUBAI // An engineer blackmailed his lover's brother with images of their relationship, a court heard yesterday.

RM, a 31-year-old Jordanian, was charged in the Criminal Court of First Instance with threatening and blackmailing TA. RM wanted TA out of the picture so that he could continue his relationship with TA's brother, prosecutors say. He is accused of sending the imagesto TA's family in Jordan.

TA's brother is being charged in the Court of Misdemeanours with having consensual sex. RM and TA's brother had been flatmates, but when TA came to the UAE in December 2010, he moved with his brother to a different apartment.

RM reportedly met with TA, telling him to leave his brother alone.

"My brother told me that he was threatening him with pictures of him while naked, which he took of him while drunk," TA said. "I asked him why he did not report it to the police, but he told me that he was scared that the pictures would reach the family in Jordan."

The prosecution said that RM's computer contained a "large" number of indecent photos.

RM has denied the charges. A verdict is expected on December 11.