x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

Eight months' jail for man's role in shootout

Man fires his Kalashnikov rifle three times to scare his relatives, but the bullets injure two other men.

ABU DHABI // An Emirati man involved in a shootout with four relatives was today sentenced to eight months in jail.

The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court heard the five men had met in the Al Shawamekh area to settle a number of disputes that occurred while they were serving prison sentences for drug offences, theft and kidnap.

A fight broke out in which canes and guns were used and one of the men, SM, fired his Kalashnikov rifle three times to scare the others. However, the bullets injured two of the men and SM ended up in court accused of attempted murder, using a fire arm without a licence, and taking drugs.

One of the men, BA, who was hit in the leg, told the court that his injury had healed and he forgave SM.

However, the court sentenced SM to two months for shooting the other man, AB, and six months for possessing a fire arm.

Of the other men involved in the shootout, AB was sentenced to one month for possessing a fire arm, GT was sentenced to four months for the same offence and FK was sentenced to a month for not reporting the crime and attempting to cover it up by washing the blood stains out of his car.