x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Dubai student guilty of attempted murder of classmate over mother insult

Student charged with attempted murder after fighting with a fellow gym-goer is sentenced to three months in prison.

DUBAI // A student who stabbed a fellow pupil who insulted his mother has been sentenced to three months in prison.

The Criminal Court heard that tension between the two began on February 28 when they were using the gym. The Iraqi YK, 18, backed his chair in to the path of his fellow student AH from Lebanon. The Lebanese student tried to ignore this and continued on his way to the toilet, but noticed the Iraqi staring at him.

He said the Iraqi then asked him why he was looking at him, and he replied he could look wherever he wanted.

The Iraqi then threatened to "break the head" of the Lebanese student. The Lebanese student then insulted the Iraqi's mother and a fist fight ensued.

"He covered my face with my shirt and punched me several times," said the Lebanese student, who managed to free himself and throw the Iraqi to the floor. Other gym members managed to break up the fight and the Iraqi left.

However, after several minutes one of his friends came into the gym and told the Lebanese student he wanted to settle the dispute outside.

They met in the presence of two witnesses, but the Iraqi insisted they should take a walk alone. He asked the Lebanese student why he had insulted his mother and the Lebanese student replied it was because the Iraqi had insulted his mother three times the day before.

"He made a very weird and loud scream then stabbed me in the abdomen, then again towards the heart," said the Lebanese student, who added that he tried to run away but was chased down by the Iraqi and stabbed once more in his right arm.

The two witnesses rushed to help the stabbed student and called for an ambulance. The Iraqi fled the scene.

"I didn't mean to kill him," the Iraqi said in court. "He threatened to stick a knife up my behind, so I took out my knife to scare him off," he added.

The Iraqi was found guilty of attempted murder.