x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

Dubai man jailed three years for filming colleagues using toilet

Man who used mobile phone to film female colleagues using the toilet is sentenced to three years in prison.

DUBAI // A man who used his mobile phone to film female colleagues using the toilet has been sentenced to three years in prison.

EA, a 27-year-old Indian, was caught after one of the women, an Egyptian clerk, noticed the camera flashing at her and found a recording on the phone of him setting up the trap.

The phone had been hidden in the toilet at the company cafeteria for three days before the clerk noticed it.

The clerk had been eating lunch at the cafe when she saw the man take the key to the employees' toilet and returning it ten minutes later. The clerk then asked to use the toilet.

"When I finished I noticed a red light flashing from under the sink," she said. She checked and found the mobile phone with its camera pointed towards the toilet seat.

"It was recording so I turned it off," the clerk said.

When she checked the recording she found a clip of the man on the toilet seat adjusting the camera.

She told the company's management what had happened then reported it to police.

Another female clerk told the court she used the toilet several times in those three days because she was on medication that made frequent visits necessary. "I am sure he recorded me on the toilet seat," she said.

The man admitted a charge of sex assault.

He told the Criminal Court that he had used his camera phone four times previously, but claimed to have deleted the recordings without looking at them.

He will be deported after the completion of his prison term.