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Dubai man caught wife in bed with another man, court hears

A man returned to his apartment to discover one of his two wives in bed with with a naked hairdresser, a court heard this morning.

DUBAI // A man returned to his apartment to discover one of his two wives in bed with another man, a court heard this morning.

The husband, 29, entered the bedroom of his Discovery Gardens flat in the morning of Monday June 25 to find his wife, a 28-year-old Jordanian, in bed with a naked hairdresser, the 33-year-old GT, from Lebanon.

"I got furious and hit my wife and the man, then took out my mobile and dialed 999 but they knocked the phone out of my hand," said the husband. He then went to the kitchen and picked up a knife before returning to the bedroom, where he resumed the assault.

He denied using the knife in the assault, but the hairdresser claimed the husband slashed his wife and shot him with an electrical stun gun.

The wife then fled the flat and the hairdresser begged the husband not to call the police.

The husband then called a friend of his wife who told him the two lovers met at a beauty salon.

"When my wife's friend calmed me down, I didn't want to call the police, but told the hairdresser to leave the UAE or I would inform police," said the husband. He said the hairdresser agreed and gave him his ID card as a guarantee on the understanding he would get it back on the day he left the country.

The husband explained to prosecutors that the woman was the second of his two wives. "I visit her two days a week and I spend two other days with my first wife," he said.

He said he found a condom in a rubbish bin in the bedroom and found a hotel reservation in his wife's purse that he was unaware of.

The hairdresser said in his police testimony that he had been in a relationship with the man's wife for three months before they were caught. However, he said that on the day in question they had not had sex because she was menstruating. He explained the condom by saying he had "pleasured himself" in the bathroom.

"She offered herself to me and we both got undressed but then I stopped and went to the bathroom where I pleasured myself and threw the condom in the trash bin," he said.

He said that the two then fell asleep, waking when the woman's husband barged in.

"He assaulted us with a knife cutting his wife's hand then dragged me to his car and stunned me with a taser gun," said the hairdresser.

"He threatened to kill me if I didn't leave the country and he took my ID. However, my sponsor advised me not to leave, so I told [the husband] I wasn't leaving and he could do what he wants.

"He apparently informed police because they called me and asked for my presence at the police station." said the hairdresser.

The wife denied there was any sexual element to her relationship with the hairdresser, claiming the two were merely friends. "I met him at the beauty salon and we became friends and often went out for a coffee and a chat," she said. "We hug and hold hands like friends do but we don't do it in a sexual way."

She said she had been feeling ill and called the hairdresser to keep her company. She said he slept in the living room. "He slept naked, I don't know why, and when my husband came, he started hitting him all over his body," she said.

The wife and the hairdresser were charged with having consensual sex outside wedlock and with consuming alcohol. Both denied the sex charge, but admitted the alcohol charge.

The husband provided his wife with a waiver for the sex charge and asked the court to drop the case.

"If this became public, she may face danger from her family and her sick mother may die," said the husband in a letter.

The next hearing was scheduled for November 29.