x Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 20 January 2018

Dubai labourer gets one year in jail for kidnap and torture

A labourer who electrocuted his compatriot is sentenced to a year in prison after being found guilty of kidnap and assault.

DUBAI // A labourer who kidnapped and tortured a colleague with a metal bar and a live electric wire has been sentenced to a year in prison.

JA, 30, from Bangladesh, attacked his compatriot FA when he was walking home from work on April 19 last year.

"They gagged me and dragged me into a building," recalled the captured man, who owed the labourer some money.

Once inside the building he was chained to a seat and beaten, first with fists and then with a metal bar.

The labourer then electrocuted him with a wire connected to a power source.

During a lull in the torture the captured man managed to call a friend on his mobile phone. The friend called police, who arrived at the building to find the labourer sat near to the chained man, smoking.

The Criminal Court found him guilty of kidnap and assault. It ordered him to be deported after serving his prison term.