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Dubai housemaid jailed for urinating in sponsor's drink

A housemaid who served her sponsor's family with food and juices mixed with her urine in an attempt to control them through magic is sentenced to two months in prison

DUBAI // A housemaid who tried to put a spell on her employer's family by feeding them food and drink mixed with her urine was today sentenced to two months in prison.

PT, a 26-year-old from Indonesia, hoped the spell would help secure her a pay rise, after another maid also from Indonesia told her that doing so would make the family's wife treat her better.

However, despite mixing her urine into the family's food for two months, the spell was apparently unsuccessful, as the wife found out and reported her to police. She was arrested on May 17.

"I urinated seven times in the tea of my sponsor's wife before I was caught," she admitted.

She also confessed to pouring one spoon of her urine in each tea pot from which the sponsor, his wife and her brother drank.

The maid told investigators there was a general belief in her country that urine could be used in spells to curry favour with people.

Her sponsor, a 39-year-old Jordanian said he hired the maid four months before the incident. He said he became suspicious after repeatedly noticing spots of urine in the bathroom of his 11-year-old son at their Motor City home.

A talisman, pieces of paper with spells written on them and a bottle containing urine were found in the maid's room.

The sentence by the Misdemeanour Court was immediately appealed and a date set to hear this on October 9. It was not clear who appealed the verdict.