x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 18 January 2018

Dubai guard who offered job to Dh600-a-month maid jailed for consensual sex

A security guard in Dubai, initially tried for rape, was jailed a year for having consensual sex with a woman whom he promised a better job.

A security guard who was initially tried for rape was jailed for a year yesterday for having consensual sex with a woman he said he would help to find a better job.

He was given another month in jail for drinking alcohol illegally.

The Ethiopian woman, SA, 29, brought the rape claims to police but she escaped jail for having consensual sex.

MH, 26, who is also from Ethiopia, had offered to help the Dh600-a-month maid in Sharjah get a job at a Dubai hotel, a Dubai court heard.

SA said she had a drink that made her feel dizzy and woke up in MH's bed.