x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 23 January 2018

Dubai dad sues school for 'failure to educate' son ... and wins

The Dubai Court of Appeals orders the school to pay Dh77,000 in compensation after it failed to adequately educate a father's son.

DUBAI // A father has successfully sued a private school in Dubai for more than Dh77,000 after it failed to adequately educate his son.

The case was first filed in a civil court after the boy graduated from the first grade and was sent to second grade despite his very weak grades. The father sought compensation for the registration fees of two years, accusing the school of negligence and failing to take the necessary procedures to help improve his son's educational level.

He also wanted compensation for emotional distress resulting from the school's negligence.

The case was rejected by a civil court, which denied the father's request that the boy be evaluated by a court-appointed education expert to prove the school had failed to educate him properly.

After it being elevated to the Dubai Court of Appeal, judges ruled that the assessment should be allowed.

The report subsequently submitted to court by an education expert found the school was negligent in dealing with the pupil and should take responsibility for his low grades.

The Dubai Court of Appeal ruled in the father's favour.