x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Dubai customs discover marijuana seeds in postal package

Customs officers discover 2.6kgs of marijuana seeds in a postal parcel.

DUBAI // Customs officers discovered 2.6 kilograms of marijuana seeds in a parcel containing a woman's galabeya.

The parcel was seized recently at the Dubai Cargo Village, where it was in transit on the way to an Asian country having been posted in an African country.

The parcel sender had listed its contents as "documents", but an X-ray scan showed the parcel was unusually thick, so a manual inspection was carried out.

This search uncovered a plastic bag full of marijuana seeds that had been wrapped in a galabeya - a traditional Egyptian women's garment.

The parcel was allowed to continue to its final destination country and authorities there were informed of its contents.