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Dubai court jails man who raped minor

10 years in prison for Jordanian man who raped Emirati teenager.

DUBAI // A man who raped a minor and then threatened her was sentenced to 10 years in prison today.

ZG, a 36-year-old Jordanian, denied charges of rape, threatening and trespassing when he appeared before the Dubai Criminal Court in April.

"I was not her first sexual experience," ZG told the presiding judge, Maher Salameh. "She cant pretend to be decent now, seven men had sex with her before I did."

He added that the victim, a 15-year-old Emirati student, invited him into her home and he only had sex with her because she asked.

SJ told prosecutors that she met ZG online and he pretended to be a female student called Mimi at her school. She said he asked her to send him pictures of herself and she sent them thinking he was a girl.

After he revealed his identity, he threatened to post her pictures online and send them to her father if she did not have sex with him.

"I agreed to send him more pictures of myself naked after he said that if I did, he won't post any pictures," the girl said in records.

Prosecutors said ZG had sex with the girl in her bedroom. She testified that she opened the front door for him and led him to her room.

"He said he wanted to come and delete all my pictures in my presence so I let him into my room," SJ said.

According to prosecution records, the man left her room around 2am and SJ woke up at 6am. She mistakenly drank nail polish remover instead of water and was rushed to hospital.

The girl's family found out about the assault at the hospital after SJ told her uncle who then lodged a complaint at the Bur Dubai Police station on November 14 last year.

A forensics exam showed recent intercourse but DNA traces were not sufficient to match to the defendant.

He will be deported after completing his prison term.