x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

Dubai airport porters stole from suitcases, court hears

Camera, sunglasses were taken from bags, prosecutors say.

DUBAI // Two porters at Dubai airport are charged with stealing sunglasses and a digital camera from a traveller's bag.

The Nepalese men, HP, 29, and PP, 31, both porters at Dubai International Airport, are charged in the Criminal Court of First Instance with theft.

On March 11, PP was caught stealing a Sony camera from a traveler's suitcase while loading luggage into a flight to India, records show. PP confessed that after he took the camera he went to the toilets and threw the camera out the ventilation fan opening. He returned later to retrieve it; police found it in his residence, records show.

Prosectors said that on April 4, HP, while loading luggage into an Indian airplane, stole sunglasses from a bag, but as he was exiting the area, a police officer noticed the expensive glasses and questioned him about them.

During investigations HP said he noticed a small, black bag unzipped while loading luggage and he was tempted into looking through it.

A verdict will be announced on August 3.