x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Du engineers jailed for stealing fibre optic cables

The men ordered more cables than their work required and sold the excess online.

DUBAI // Two Du engineers who stole Dh235,000 worth of fibre optic cables will be jailed for a year each, said a Dubai court.

Indian nationals OA, 32, and SA, 29, ordered more cables than their work required then sold the leftovers on the internet. OA planned and carried out the theft in April 2011 after recruiting SA as an accomplice.

The men were found to have carried out three thefts - the last of which took place on January 5, when they were arrested.

Du officials received a tip-off that fibre optic cables were being offered for sale on the internet and informed police.

The cables were being sold by a third man, DP, a 33-year-old sales manager, also from India. He was charged with criminal complicity and sentenced to six months in prison, although he denied knowing the cables were stolen when he appeared in court last August.

DP was arrested after selling the cables to an undercover officer. He then led police to the two engineer.

Both engineers were fined Dh253,000 and ordered to repay the same amount to Du.

All three men will be deported after completion of their jail terms.