x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 23 July 2017

Drunk student attacked friends with swords, Dubai court hears

Drunk student assaulted four friends with a sword, hears court.

DUBAI // A drunk student drove into one friend before assaulting two others with a sword, the Criminal Court heard today.

Prosecutors said that the sword assault by MS, a 22-year-old Somali, left one of the friends, HA, with a 25 per cent disability.

The student's sister, 21, said that on November 19 she heard screaming outside her house. When she went to check she saw her brother, drunk, and fighting two friends - HA and AD. "He was carrying a sword at the time," she said in her testimony.

The sister tried to break up the fight but sustained a hand injury while trying to do so.

A Yemeni police officer said that he responded after the fight was reported to the operations room. "When we arrived we saw spots of blood," he said.

The officer said that the two men the student was fighting needed to be rushed to hospital. AD had received a blow to the head from the student's sword and had also suffered a stab wound. HA had also been stabbed. The officer said a third person, the juvenile NA, had been injured when the student drove into him.

Court records did not show the nationalities or ages of the three injured people.

The student denied assault charges but confessed to drinking alcohol. The juvenile has been referred to the juvenile court on an assault charge.

The next hearing for the student will be on September 25.