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Drunk man 'touched flat-mate's 12-year-old girl while she slept'

Dubai court hears that flat owner walked in on the man molesting the girl as her mother was in the kitchen at 3am

A drunken man allegedly molested his flatmate’s 12-year-old daughter as she selpt in her mother’s room, a Dubai court has heard.

“I am not guilty, I didn't do it. I don't know why she is accusing me of doing such a thing, maybe she is angry with me about something I don't know and she wants to frame me,” the Filipino security guard, 37, told judges.

Prosecutors said that on August 7, the 45-year-old mother, also Filipino, called police after finding her daughter in shock and not responsive to conversation.

“I returned home in Bur Dubai from the fish market about 11pm. The defendant was with some of his friends. He was drunk and only in his underwear. I took my daughter to bed then headed to the kitchen to do some work,” said the mother, who continued to check on her daughter from time to time and also asked the flat owner to check on her as well.

The woman said the defendant’s friends left, after which he went to his room. She said she checked on him and found him in bed so she returned to her kitchen work but, shortly after, the flat owner approached her and told her not to panic.

“She took me by the hand to my room, where my daughter was in shock. I was talking to her and she wouldn't respond," the mother said. "The owner then told me that she walked in on the defendant to find him touching my daughter as she slept. I couldn't take it, I called police at once.”

The Filipino flat owner, 35, said she was asked by the mother to check on the girl at about 3am and, when she opened the door, she found the accused bending over the girl and touching her behind and back.

“I kicked him out of the room then told her mother,” said the landlord.

The girl was questioned by prosecutors and said she awoke to someone touching her and, when she saw the man, she panicked.

The defendant denied a sex assault charge and awaits a verdict on October 16.

Updated: October 3, 2017 11:54 AM