x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Drunk Dubai man jailed one year for cutting friend's throat

A Dubai court sentenced a man to a year in prison for assaulting his friend while under the influence of alcohol, and cutting his friend's throat with a knife.

DUBAI // A drunk man who smashed down the door of his friend's bedroom then assaulted him with its splintered remains and cut his throat with a knife was yesterday sentenced to a year in jail.

The Sri Lankan FN, a 42-year-old driver, invited his friend PA, a 37-year-old on a visit visa, to stay at his house in Al Quoz and the two stayed up late on July 1 last year to drink alcohol.

The driver went to bed at about 5.30am, but about 15 minutes later heard pounding on the door. His drunk friend then broke the door down and used a piece of it to attack the driver. He then held a knife to the driver's throat, causing a small cut, and threatened to kill him.

The driver's wife woke up and started pleading with the drunk man to stop. "'Don't interfere, go out - I want to kill this man', he said to me," the wife AJ, a 34-year-old maid, said.

The driver then attacked the drunk man, breaking his arm in the process, before he fled from the house, still naked. Three passing Arab men then rushed to help him, police were called and the drunk man was arrested.

Both men were charged with assault and consuming alcohol. The drunk man was also charged with making threats to kill.

At the Criminal Court the driver confessed to both charges, but said his actions were in self-defence. The drunk friend did not appear before the court to enter a plea, but prosecutors said he had confessed to all charges during interrogation. In addition to the drunk man's one-year jail term he was fined Dh2,000 and will be deported following his jail term.

The driver was sentenced to one month in prison and fined Dh3,000.

Court records did not make clear what sparked the fight.