Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 23 July 2019

‘Drunk and angry’ worker attacked police officers and their car, Dubai court hears

The Indian man was allegedly walking about the streets topless and acting in an intimidating manner to passers-by.

A topless, drunk worker who was being restrained by police for making a fuss publicly beat up two officers and damaged their patrol car, a Dubai court has heard.

The two police officers were patrolling in Naif at about 8pm on June 25 when they spotted a large number of people gathering in the street.

“We checked what was going on and found a topless man causing a disturbance, he was drunk and angry,” said a Yemeni police officer.

He added that people were afraid that he would cause harm to someone as he was furious and out of control and was walking back and forth in an intimidating manner. “He would then walk in the middle of the street among moving cars,” added the policeman.

“We approached him quietly and tried to calm him down and, at the same time, tried to lure him to get into the patrol car with us but he wouldn't and resisted us violently as he saw me opening the police car’s door,” said the officer.

He added that the drunk man started hitting both of them and then broke the car door handle as he repeatedly kept on pulling it then he turned to the side of the car and started kicking it.

The worker then hit the officer on the knees and chest and tried to break his fingers, while his colleague was punched in the face, kicked and scratched, the Yemeni officer said.

It took the officers some time to be able to handcuff the man and get him into the car.

“As we drove towards the police station, he got furious and pushed the door strongly in an attempt to open it and escape,” said the other policeman, who holds a Comoros Islands passport.

Both he and his colleague were referred to hospital to receive treatment for multiple bruises, he said.

During police and prosecution questioning, the Indian defendant, 29, allegedly admitted to charges of resisting arrest and assaulting officers, damaging police property and consuming alcohol without a licence. The repairs for the damage he caused totalled Dh1,033, police said.

However, the man denied the charges at Dubai Criminal Court on Thursday and he awaits a verdict on August 28.

Updated: August 20, 2017 11:00 AM