x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 18 January 2018

Drug user confesses with a smile in Abu Dhabi court

Emirati man asked judge to swiftly issue a verdict so he could get back to his studies.

ABU DHABI // An Emirati man happily confessed to taking and possessing hashish, in addition to drinking alcohol at the criminal court yesterday, asking the judge to issue a verdict on the spot so he can continue studying.

“They are waiting for the verdict at the college to allow me to continue my studies,” IH told the court.

He pledged guilty to all his charges with a smile.

“We can’t issue a verdict right away, we will set a date as soon as possible,” the judge said. Under UAE law, if a Muslim confesses in court to drinking alcohol he will face the Sharia’a penalty of 80 lashes.

The verdict will be announced next Monday.